Leila S/S21 Collection

Reunion with Nature

Reunion with Nature was truly a feast to pay my tributes to Nature and all the indelible impression it made on my life; the pandemic made us all aware of what we’ve done so far, Nature stopped us! made us to take a deep look around, to see what a monster we’ve become.
we learned a lesson, hopefully!
now it’s time to lighten up the general spirit,
So here we go, Invited to a colorful feast!
you may not be able to wear the pieces in a public gathering right away, cause we’re still fighting with the Virus, but wearing a floral pants at home and dance to a jazz song won’t hurt!
As always; I strive to break the style stereotypes of Iranian women. I still believe that we can rejuvenate the elements of color, femininity, and most importantly authenticity in Women’s clothing.
One of the key silhouettes of this collection is inspired by a vintage dress of my mother, which to me was always a depiction of Nature, nurture and power. Three words I can also describe all the women with!